Read our Year in Review: Fuelling a thriving clinical trials sector

At CTO, we are focused on improving Ontario’s environment for conducting high-quality clinical trials, making them more efficient and effective for everyone – researchers and healthcare professionals, patients and families, and members of industry. This year, we worked alongside the clinical trials community to strengthen our programs. We are streamlining clinical trials processes, working to […]

Bridging the patient community with Industry

Lisa Holtshousen reflects on her 30-year career in the Life Sciences sector, highlighting her recent role as Patient Visionary at Roche Canada where she fostered patient inclusivity by integrating patient perspectives directly into the company’s decision-making processes.

Ontario has the secret recipe for a thriving clinical trial environment

Ontario has long been an attractive jurisdiction for conducting high-quality clinical trials. We have all the right ingredients: world-class talent, cutting-edge infrastructure, a diverse patient population and programs to support industry. But within the last decade, Ontario has hit a new stride, becoming a hive of clinical trials activity that outranks other global jurisdictions.