Ontario’s clinical trials community rises to the COVID-19 challenge

There are at least 39 multi-site COVID-19 clinical trials and observational studies underway in Ontario, according to data collected from Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) and the widely used clinical trials database, clinicaltrials.gov. Conducted through collaborative efforts of our research community, these studies are central to Ontario’s emergency response to this global pandemic. And while there are currently no proven treatments or vaccines for COVID-19, the studies underway will show the efficacy and safety of interventions, and guide our understanding of the disease.

Thanks in part to the streamlined processes CTO Stream offers, the number of COVID-19 studies approved in Ontario is steadily growing with five approved in March, eighteen in April and seventeen currently awaiting approval. The following infographic is a depiction of the multi-site clinical trials and observational studies in Ontario.

CTO’s mission is to strengthen the clinical trials environment by streamlining processes to help make high-quality clinical trials more timely, efficient and cost-effective. In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, the urgency of this mission is amplified. Through CTO’s programming, including CTO Stream, the Trial Site Network, and QuickSTART, CTO can help identify collaborators across the province and assist in managing study start-up at each of these centres.

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