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My Decision

Now it’s time to reflect by answering the following questions to help determine your final decision about engaging a patient partner on your clinical trial/research team.


If you are conducting a clinical trial, or another type of research study, it may be possible to recruit patient partners through our partner organizations:

SPOR Networks in Chronic Disease

This decision aid is part of an ongoing research project. Project team members include:

  • Monica Parry, University of Toronto (Principal Investigator)
  • Tina Ceroni, Clinical Trials Ontario (Principal Knowledge User)
  • Marianne Park, Network of Women with Disabilities (Knowledge User)
  • Ann Kristin Bjørnnes, Oslo Metropolitan University (Co-Applicant)
  • Anne Ellis, Queen’s University (Co-Applicant)
  • Ian Gilron, Queen’s University (Co-Applicant)
  • Dawn Richards, Clinical Trials Ontario (Co-Applicant)
  • Karine Toupin-April, University of Ottawa (Co-Applicant)
  • Adhiyat Najam, Diabetes Action Canada (Knowledge User)
  • David Wells, Diabetes Action Canada (Knowledge User)
  • SalimaHemani, University of Toronto (Trainee)
  • Clinical Trials Ontario (Collaborating Partner)

If you have any questions or comments about the decision aid, please send them to or call 1-833-543-4916.

Funding for the development and dissemination of the Investigator Decision Aid has been provided by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) (Application #397455) and the Ontario SPOR Support Unit (OSSU).