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My Readiness

You may choose to modify your priorities now that you have learned more about engaging as a patient partner on a clinical research team. Review your identified (My) Priorities and decide if you wish to modify/change where you wish to engage as a patient partner in the research process, and/or your preferred level of engagement. Lastly,  you will do a readiness quiz before moving on to make you decision.

Review My Priorities

Drag and drop each step in The Research Process from where you envision being MOST engaged as a patient partner in a clinical research team to LEAST engaged as a patient partner in a clinical research team.
Research Process Steps
  1. 1
    Identifying & Prioritizing
  2. 2
  3. 3
    Development of the Grant Proposal
  4. 4
    Preparation for Execution of the Study
  5. 5
    Data Collection
  6. 6
    Analyzing & Interpreting Data
  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. 9
    Monitoring & Evaluation

Review My Levels of Engagement

Levels of Engagement

  • Inform — You will be kept informed about the study.
  • Consult — In addition to being informed about the study, the investigators will listen and acknowledge your concerns.
  • Involve — In addition to being informed about the study and having the investigators listen and acknowledge your concerns, they will also let you know how your feedback has been used.
  • Collaborate — The investigators will work with you to include your advice into study decisions as much as possible.
  • Empower — The investigators will implement what you decide.

Below are your top 3 research process steps that you prioritized in the list above. To change your top 3, rearrange the items in the list above.

For each priority, select the Level of Engagement you’d like to have as a patient partner in the Research Process/Lifecycle.

Note: You can use the Level of Engagement more than once.

PrioritiesResearch Process StepLevel of Engagement
1Identifying & Prioritizing
3Development of the Grant Proposal

My Readiness Quiz

Now that you have reviewed and confirmed your (My) Priorities, we’d like you to think about and indicate how you feel about the following statements related to being included as a patient partner on a research team. You are asked to select how you feel on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “I strongly disagree with this statement” and 5 being “I strongly agree with this statement”