April 2023 | Research Ready Mentor Spotlight

Each month, a Research Ready mentor from the Community of Practice hosts an online workshop to share best practices and highlight exceptional processes. Be sure to sign up for the March Workshop to learn about clinical trial finance operations. And don’t forget to join the Research Ready Community of Practice for ongoing discussion after the event.

How to achieve financial sustainability: the experience and learnings from the oncology Clinical Trial Support Unit (CTSU) at SickKids

Join us on March 28th for part two in our two-part series focusing on clinical trial finance. In this final session, Entela Zaffino and Jackie Anucha from The Hospital for Sick Children will focus on clinical trial unit finance oversight including:

  • Describing how SickKids’ oncology CTSU achieved financial sustainability
  • Exploring how technology and established systems and processes can assist with finance tracking and oversight
  • Discussing the impact of newly implemented financial management processes on CTSU operations


Entela Zaffino

Entela Zaffino is the Manager of the Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU) and the Clinical Informatics teams in the Division of Haematology, Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant and Cellular Therapy at the Hospital for Sick Children. Entela is a healthcare leader passionate about improving the healthcare system in Canada by effectively leading forward-thinking teams, spearheading innovative initiatives and bringing transformational change. As the CTSU manager, Entela has implemented new processes and innovative approaches to managing clinical trial units in an effective and financially sustainable manner, making SickKids’ CTSU one of the leaders in the field. Entela has also worked in other healthcare settings including the government, leading quality improvement, strategic planning and project management work. Entela is a lifelong learner, passionate about education, leadership and mentoring. She is currently completing a Masters in Health Administration from McMaster University.

Jackie Anucha

Jackie Anucha is the Administrative Coordinator for the Clinical Trials Support Unit in the Division of Haematology, Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant and Cellular Therapy at the Hospital for Sick Children. She has been with the CTSU for over 5 years and brings extensive knowledge and expertise in clinical trials finance management and operations. Jackie has a Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology from York University and is currently completing a Certificate of Project Management from University of Toronto.