May 2023 | Research Ready Mentor Spotlight

Each month, a Research Ready mentor from the Community of Practice hosts an online workshop to share best practices and highlight exceptional processes. Be sure to sign up for the May Workshop to learn about establishing a metrics program. And don’t forget to join the Research Ready Community of Practice for ongoing discussion after the event.

Setting Up a Metrics Program: Tools to Success

In this session we will cover the foundation of how to establish a metrics program- focusing on the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How (but maybe not in that order!). Metrics are the cornerstone for measuring success, and anyone can become a metrics master (promise!). We will share our experience of establishing our metrics program, highlight the lessons learned, best practices, and share case scenarios of the value we have gained from leaning in to the numbers.

  • Who should collect metrics
  • Deciding on what to collect
  • Where do metrics come from
  • When should they be collected
  • Why do we collect metrics, what have we learned
  • How to collect and report metrics


Heather Cole | Senior Manager of Operations, Cancer Clinical Research Unit, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Heather Cole is a Senior Manager of Operations at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in the Cancer Clinical Research Unit, a central CRU within UHN. Heather oversees metrics and operational reporting across the program, patient and partner initiatives, manages key clinical research IT systems, a data safety monitoring board, and oversees the quality and approval processes for all new studies within the program. This operational portfolio supports over 200 investigators and 500 staff, with more than 150 new clinical trials being activated each year. In addition to her role within the Cancer Program, Heather is actively involved in a number of initiatives and committees across UHN Research and is an agent of continuous process improvement.

Heather graduated from McGill University and has worked in cancer clinical research for almost 20 years in various progressive roles. In this Mentor Spotlight session, she will share her expertise on how to develop a metrics program and the use of metrics to drive process optimization.