New network gives industry one-stop access to Ontario trial sites

Ontario is home to more than half the number of clinical trials conducted in Canada and our reputation as a top destination for conducting world-class clinical trials continues to grow. As more and more companies come knocking on Ontario’s door, a new network of clinical trials sites is helping to ensure a warm welcome.

The Trial Site Network enables industry to connect directly with Ontario’s agile, efficient and high-performing trial sites. Facilitated by Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) as part of its Industry Concierge Service, the Network is comprised of highly engaged research personnel representing more than 75 research institutions, hospitals and trial sites across the province.

Opening the door for industry partnerships

Any company or start-up looking to conduct a clinical or observational study in Ontario can contact the Industry Concierge free of charge to discuss their proposed study. With that information, CTO provides a warm introduction to clinical trial representatives from trial sites that align with the study’s objectives.

“The Ontario clinical trials ecosystem is a vast network of institutions and it can be difficult to know where to start and which doors to knock on, especially for small to mid-sized companies and start-ups,” says Andrew Haller, Industry Outreach Associate at CTO. “The new Trial Site Network helps guide industry partners to the best trial sites for their study and helps Ontario hospitals showcase their assets and expertise.”

Enabling Ontario hospitals to expand trial activity

The network isn’t just a win for industry. It’s a win for trial sites, too. Ontario-based clinical trials sites looking to expand their clinical trial activities can leverage the Network as an extension of their marketing activities. CTO works with participating trial sites to identify trials and conditions of interest and connects them with curated opportunities.

Streamlining multi-site trial opportunities

All trial sites participating in the Trial Site Network are also participants of CTO Stream, CTO’s flagship program that enables a single ethics review process for multi-site clinical trials in Ontario. With CTO Stream, industry pays a competitive fee for ethics review and is able to add rescue sites to multi-site studies in less than two weeks.

The Trial Site Network and CTO’s other programs make it easier for industry to access and conduct high-quality clinical trials in Ontario.

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