New report shows growth in Ontario’s clinical trials sector over the past decade

Clinical Trials Ontario’s 2022 Report to the Community, titled A Decade of Impact: Improving the Environment for Clinical Trials, marks our 10th anniversary and celebrates the collective achievements of the clinical trials community.

Ten years ago, Ontario and Canada saw a decline in clinical trials activity. In response, the Government of Ontario, along with hospitals, universities, industry, research ethics boards and other leaders in the clinical trials ecosystem came together to establish Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) with a goal of strengthening, promoting and capitalizing on Ontario’s competitive advantages for conducting high-quality clinical trials.

Now celebrating our 10th anniversary, CTO has launched a new report highlighting growth and advancements in Ontario’s clinical trials sector. Titled A Decade of Impact: Improving Ontario’s Clinical Trials Environment, the report shows that within the last decade, the number of clinical trials in Ontario has increased by over 160%, with more than 4,600 active trials in Ontario in 2021. This is double the amount of clinical trials per capita compared to the U.S.

This success and impact are thanks to the dedicated efforts of members of the clinical trials community, and continued support from the Government of Ontario.

Read the full press release here and view the report, A Decade of Impact: Improving Ontario’s Clinical Trials Environment here.

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