Industry Concierge

Thinking of conducting a study in Ontario, but aren’t sure where to start or what to do next? Our Industry Concierge Service and Trial Site Network can help you navigate the clinical research ecosystem. At no cost to innovators, our Industry Concierge can connect companies to the right people, information and tools to launch their study. With our Trial Site Network, CTO can provide companies with a warm introduction to clinical trial representatives at hospitals and research institutions across Ontario.

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Getting Started in Ontario

The Industry Concierge service is for any person or company looking to connect into Ontario’s clinical research ecosystem to conduct a clinical or observational research study. Whether you are a large multinational pharmaceutical company or a local start-up, we can help connect you to the relevant people or resources to get your trial off the ground. Once CTO knows about your needs and your technology/innovation, we can create a plan for next steps, whether that’s performing a feasibility analysis, adding sites to your clinical trial, finding a key opinion or business partner in Ontario, or connecting you to resources and funding opportunities to start your trial.

Trial Site Network

The Trial Site Network enables industry to connect directly with Ontario’s research ecosystem. The Network is comprised of highly engaged clinical research personnel representing sites from across Ontario. Through the Trial Site Network, CTO can provide any company or start-up looking to conduct a clinical or observational study in Ontario with a warm introduction to clinical trial representatives from trial sites participating in the Network that align with the study’s objectives. Participating sites can use the Network to expand their clinical trials activities.
A reference document to help companies new to conducting clinical trials in Ontario understand the clinical trials environment and leverage the many financial incentives and assets available in Ontario.

Get Started with CTO

To learn more about Industry Concierge and Trial Site Network, please drop us a line.