Streamlined Research Ethics

Templates & Forms

The appropriate template should be used when creating the study-specific consent form submitted with the initial study-wide application (PIA) in CTO Stream. Select the appropriate template(s) and ensure you follow all of the instructions listed on the first page of the template.

Clinical Trial
Observational Study
Pediatric Research Study
Oncology Study

If you are submitting an oncology study through CTO Stream to be reviewed by the Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board (OCREB) please use the OCREB Informed Consent Form Template, located on the OCREB website.

The Participation Agreement provides the framework for allowing sites to delegate ethical review and oversight for research conducted under its auspices, to a CTO Qualified board. This delegation occurs on a study-by-study basis, meaning that a site can choose whether to use CTO Stream for each individual study.

If you have questions about the Participation Agreement, please contact the CTO Help Desk at

For Sponsors/CROs who require a service agreement in order to issue payments to CTO for REB fees, CTO has developed a Master Service Agreement template.