QuickSTART and Research Ready Pilots coming Fall 2018

In response to industry feedback, CTO will be piloting a QuickSTART program to streamline clinical trial start-up in Ontario institutions. We will be looking for partners in this pilot. Please contact Linnea Aasen-Johnston to learn more.

QuickSTART will include:

  • Streamlined processes for ethic, budget and contract.
  • 90-day start-up target.
  • Transparent status tracking Fixed response times for all parties.
  • Engaged parties: Sponsor, Institution and Investigator.

SPONSORS: If you have a study starting in multiple Ontario public institutions in Fall 2018, please contact us to if you would like to have it considered for inclusion in the QuickSTART pilot.

RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS: If you are interested in becoming QuickSTART ready, please contact us to start that process.

Research Ready Pilot: CTO is busy constructing a customized and unique education program aimed at research coordinators in Ontario. We are currently meeting with research staff at public institutions to discover the unmet needs for education and mentorship in this area. The goal of this pilot is to equip research staff with the tools and knowledge required to run effective and efficient research programs.

If you would like to participate in our needs assessment interviews, please contact. We would love to hear from you in order to develop the best program for you!

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