#TalkClinicalTrials: Annette McKinnon’s Turning Point

Annette McKinnon is a graduate of the PaCER (Patient and Community Engagement Research) Course at the University of Calgary, a partner on several research teams, a Founding Member of the Patient Advisors Network (PAN) which is a Community of Practice for patients and caregivers, and a Steering Committee member of the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA). As a person who lives with chronic disease, Annette brings a patient voice to research (through her work on research teams and her PaCER experience), and to healthcare decision-making tables (through her work at PAN).

Below, Annette shares her experience within a clinical trial as a participant that she describes as a “turning point”.

“Fifteen years after my rheumatoid arthritis (RA) diagnosis a clinical trial helped with my ongoing anxiety. Being in the trial was reassuring because I felt that someone had a global overview of my RA, and it was unremarkable. The trial drug did not work [for me] but the experience was a turning point. Through the advice of one of the trial nurses I was spared visiting the doctor every week for an injection I learned I could do myself, and because of an encouraging comment by one of the trial doctors I was inspired to start taking Pilates lessons.”


#TalkClinicalTrials is a campaign led by CTO with the a goal of building awareness around clinical trials. Why? Because clinical trials matter to all of us. They help to generate better treatments and technologies and ultimately help shape the future of medicine. Explore more stories from the series and join the conversation on social media using #TalkClinicalTrials.