kim mitchell

Kimberly Mitchell

Kim has 25 plus years of Lived Experience. She is the Chair of Alliance for Healthier Communities, the Co-Chair of The Poplar Network, a Member of CTO’s College of Lived Experience, an Advisor with The Steering Committee for the Drug Evaluation Policy, an Advisor for a program called Snap, a Research Assistant for Unity Health/St Michaels, and a public speaker. Kim has done a magazine article, an online blog and an on-air TV interview with the Daily Bread. In 2022, Kim ran the Lived Experience Lounge at the CAEH convention in Toronto. She is a member of Mom’s Stop The Harm as well as National Safer Supply Community of Practice. What’s most important to Kim is morals and human rights and people being treated fairly – she wishes to fight against any stigma in this world. Kim believes the world should be a place where everybody’s treated fairly and she will do anything she can to help that. Kim also has a special place in her heart for animals and children.