New Toolkit for Organizations: Engaging Your Community about Clinical Trials

Are you interested in engaging your community to better understand what they think about participating in clinical trials? Maybe you’re interested in developing resources about clinical trials created to fit your community’s needs, or you’d like to help researchers build better clinical trials for your community. Whatever your motivation, Clinical Trials Ontario published a toolkit so you can engage your community about clinical trials. The toolkit includes examples of surveys and guided discussions that you can make your own, based on your own knowledge and resources.

This how-to guide was created in collaboration with patient organizations and health charities (the Canadian Breast Cancer Network, Huntington Society of Canada, and the Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario), and the Centre for Implementation Research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

The team set out to understand facilitators and barriers to clinical trials for different communities. Not everyone has the resources to work with academic partners, but our hope is that this toolkit can spark some ideas with you about how you might adapt our work or use it based on the resources and know-how you have access to.

View the full toolkit here: Engaging-Your-Community-Toolkit

To learn more about engaging with clinical trial participants, and improving clinical trial participant’s experiences, view CTO’s Participant Experience Toolkit here.

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